Born: April 20th,1980

Simen handles the bass guitar in Hercules,his raw and intensive style of playing is perfect for the bands music.


Together with Lars he forms a tremendous powerful duo and a solid foundation that is absolutely necessary for a band like Hercules. Simen also sings lead vocals on some songs in the bands live set,while handling the backing vocals in the studio.His voice is as powerful as his bass playing and blends perfectly with Vemunds more gentle and softer voice.

Simen plays Ibanez bass guitar and  Boss Amplifier. Occupation:Electrician

Favourite bands   include: Hellacopters, Skynyrd,  Ac/Dc, Blackfoot.....

Beside music,Simen is a  hunting and fisherman and he is a member of the highly questionable hunting team "Il Tempo".

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