The band

Hercules is a Norwegian boogierock band.


Born: January 4th,1982

Tormod is the youngest boy in the band(12 years seperates the youngest and oldest member) He joined the band in the summer of 2003 right before the band headed off to Germany for a one week tour.

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Born:July 19th, 1973

Lars is the drummer in Hercules.His personality might be of a quiet one, but once he gets behind his drumkit he turns into something else.

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Born: April 29th,1970

Vemund is the man behind Hercules’ music, meaning he is the songwriter and composer in the band. Starting to play the guitar at the age of ten, and handling the lead vocals and lead guitar, he is very much the cornerstone and frontman of Hercules.

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Born: 1967

Christen has played in various band constellations throughout the years,
before joining Hercules in 2021.


From the album On the Radar (2018). Stay tuned for brand new music from the upcoming album!



I’ve seen the movie,(I’ve) read the book
So I might know where to look
For an answer or a sign
That everything will turn out fine
I’ve travelled far I`ve travelled wide
I’ve been taken for a ride
Went undercover for a while
Faking service with a smile

Happiness… on demand
Happiness… wouldn`t that be grand

I’ve tried some ways and then some more
I’ve been through that revolving door
I’ve searched and found and done a course
Curb Your Worries calm The Source
I began to see the sunny side
And told my doubts to run and hide
Told that couple Doom and Gloom
They’re not welcome in my room

Happiness …on demand
Happiness …Wouldn’t that be grand


Jan Leentjes, February 2020

In the land of lost illusions, following a fading trail
I saw the remnants of a signpost
With the words “To no avail”
Down the road of good intentions
I`ve tried to keep an open mind
But I`ve built a wall around me
Of stones I thought I`d left behind

Sometimes I get lucky
Sometimes I fail a test
It isn`t always easy
But I-I`m doing my best

I always buy a lottery ticket cause I`d love to be a millionaire
There are winners there are losers but only winners think that`s fair
When everything is going faster, and I feel I can`t keep up the pace
It`s hard to look in the cruel mirror with a happy smiling face

Sometimes I get lucky
Sometimes I fail a test
It isn`t always easy
But I-I`m doing my best


Chorus x2

I`ve got a bit of trouble
But really not that muchLike the sound of crunching gears
When messing with the clutch
I`ve got some minor worries
There must be a reason why
I can`t see the silver linings
In an almost cloudless sky

I`m feeling a little lonely
Just the lightest shade of blue
And get a bit melancholic
When I`m thinking of you
I know I shouldn`t be moaning
Cos it isn`t all that bad
Nothing I can`t handle
I`m feeling just a little sad

I got the Bite-size blues….