Born: April 29th,1970 Vemund is the man behind Hercules’ music, meaning he is the songwriter and composer in the band. Starting to play the guitar at the age of ten, and handling the lead vocals and lead guitar, he is very much the cornerstone and frontman of Hercules. His songs have earned the band a […]


Born:July 19th, 1973 Lars is the drummer in Hercules.His personality might be of a quiet one, but once he gets behind his drumkit he turns into something else. A band like Hercules is dependent on a solid, driving backbeat, and Lars, together with Simen is an amazing rhythm section. His style is energetic, powerful, steady, […]


Born: January 4th,1982 Tormod is the youngest boy in the band(12 years seperates the youngest and oldest member) He joined the band in the summer of 2003 right before the band headed off to Germany for a one week tour. His contribution has meant a lot to the bands sound,especially live but also on record. […]